Compliant robotic gripper

This project is part of few ongoing projects that i am making and a are all connected together.
Gripper was planned to be used on my Faze4 robotic arm. It is also part of S-drive project.
Gripper uses 6:11 planetary reducer, small gimbal motor that is controlled with S-drive BLDC driver.

This project was partial failure because even tho i calculated how much torque motor could produce at some safe levels, and those calculations were really low i still decided to use that motor. So this gripper is useful only in short intervals, but i hope someone will use mechanism of this gripper and just replace the motor with something stronger. Files are on  :

Mechanical design

This is main body of gripper. Part with 4 holes and one in the middle is where BLDC goes and on top of that S-Drive BLDC driver. Part with gear is orbit gear of planetary gearbox.







This part is output shaft with planet gears. It goes in orbit of top part.








Once output shaft with planets is in we can place lid on top of it.

This is motor i used. As you can see it is small and way too weak for this. On the bottom you can see gear that transmits motion thru another gear to the sun of planetary gearbox. Also you can see diametrically magnetised magnet on that gears shaft. Magnet is used for encoder.







Now once the motor is inserted in main body and planetary gearbox is assembled I inserted all bearings and placed gripper arms in those bearings. Now gripper arms you see on this picture are made from TPU and are great for gripping any kind of objects from fragile like eggs to bottles. But this gripper also has ability to change gripping “tips”.

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